Our kid’s future is today’s responsibility

Feeling a little uncertain about your kid’s future? Worry no more. This site was born to help take some of that worry away. As a father, the first time I saw into my daughter’s eyes, something beautiful was awakened in me that I never felt before: hope.

Hope is the idea that the future should be how we envision it to be. However, sometimes, worry gets in the way of that ideal future. As I interacted with my daughter the first few days of her life, I could not help but to think about the responsibility that God has placed on my wife and I. We have learned many things along the journey, and we hope that the things we have learned can be of some help for parents that are on the same boat we were many moons ago.

From pre-k to college, from character to passions, from “tea parties” to wedding day, our hope is that you and your family enjoy the journey.


Intentional Planning starts today…

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