Our Approach

Our approach is simple: “Saving For Hope” is a free online resource. Via our blog we post information weekly, that has helped our family (and others) make decisions to start building a legacy for our kids. We want you to take advantage of that information, and we hope that it is helpful for your family as well. We rely on donations to keep the site online. We do not make money on adds or affiliate marketing. We do this, because we understand the importance of financial literacy, especially among our youth. Read along and start building your legacy today. Our articles are done by a wide range of both professionals and regular people like you and I. Please, subscribe to our blog and drop us a note, or two, we will love your feedback. Thanks.


Our Story

Saving For Hope started as an idea to help families, young adults and teenagers to have a better understanding about money and finances. My wife and I as 14 years youth workers, recognized the need for a solid financial foundation on kids, and youth in general, particularly from low income areas all over the State we live. The idea grew to some articles and a small collection of resources, to an online data base. After several years of “thinking about it” we decided to give the web a shot! We believe with proper planning kids from all walks of life, can and should, be better off tomorrow. We believe in the power of charity and giving. We also believe that God has a plan for each one of them and it is up to them to live it out. We are not experts by any means, we are not scholars, just a family with the desire to provide practical information that had helped us along the way.