6 timeless quotes that changed my financial IQ

There is a ton of misguided financial information on the internet. However, learning how to filter that information to what works and fits your needs is the key to financial success. This is especially true for young families.

On this article, I wanted to explain 6 quotes that help me filter financial information and stay motivated.

Live like no one else, so you can live like no one else.” – Dave Ramsey. I wanted to start with one of Dave Ramsey’s most famous quotes for a reason. The reason is that this powerful quote summarizes two very important financial truths for me. First, it summarizes the idea that financial success is a decision that is both not easy, and long term. The decision to live financially “countercultural” (avoiding debt, living under your means, saving more, being frugal, living a minimalist life, etc.) is fundamental to financial success. Click To Tweet It is also, a slow and steady climb to the peak. There are no short cut, magic formulas, or cheap escapes. It takes work, and most of all, time. The second financial truth this quote summarizes for me is that financial success starts with contentment. To be financially free we must truly let go of the “keeping up with the Joneses” pressure.

Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” – Warren Buffett. This quote is so simple, yet so powerful, that most times people do not stop to think about it at a deeper level. Buffett is giving us a fundamental ideal: to keep more of your money, spend less by looking for value. This timeless nugget of truth speaks directly to both our spending and saving habits. This quote also highlights that frugality (some people call it minimalism these days) is not being cheap, but instead it is looking for value on everything you possess because value will determine the things you truly need.

He who doesn’t look ahead gets left behind.” – Venezuelan Proverb. What can I say about this proverb? Those who plan for generations will give for generations. Those who plan for today, will leave nothing behind. When it comes to finances, looking ahead keeps you motivated.  It keeps your eyes on your goals. It also allows you to see past difficulties and hard times. Financial success has its ups and downs, looking ahead allows you to stay on track. Do not be left behind by your lack of planning and vision.

The borrower is slave to the lender.” – Proverbs 22:7. Period! What do you not understand about that? Financial institutions are subjugating people today more than ever. It is also starting at younger and younger ages, due to financial illiteracy. Debt is our contemporary slavery. It is both physical and spiritual and it can affect generations. Don’t be a fool, stay away from debt as much as you can! Pay off your credit card and use those monthly payments to build your own wealth, not the bank’s. Teach this powerful truth to your kids at an early age. Is a fancy car today worth your dignity during retirement? Is a house you can’t afford worth leaving your kids with nothing? Questions everyone should ask themselves.

Give more, to live more.” – Jonathan D. Sanchez. People often think that giving is an act of charity. Instead this quote teaches us that giving is an act of compassion that leads to self-change. We give more not because we ought to, or want to, or to boast. Instead we give more to make a difference on others and on ourselves. This is not selfish but for the contrary, it teaches us that helping others is a joy that in return will help you and your family. It is no mystery that people that give more (money, time, resources, etc.) volunteering are happier. Who in this world can say they don’t want to be happier? Give more, live better. Teach this to your kids from an early age.

Time is a commodity, invest it wisely.” Curtis Harper. I learned this quote from a good friend of mine, and it changed the way I managed my time. A lot of people, especially in the US, think that being busy equals being productive. But that can be very deceitful. Time is a commodity that has a limit, and if we think in those terms, we start to invest it on things that matter. Click To Tweet Being busy for the sake of being busy means nothing but investing your time wisely on the things that matter in life is a powerful lesson. Invest your time on something productive, on relationships that will last a lifetime, or your family, on learning new things. This will open a world that is mostly hidden to those that think that being busy for the sake of just being busy leads to nothing. Be wise, plan accordingly, and take your time to the next level, as you prioritize the truly important things in life.

There you have it! I hope these 6 quotes will help you the way that they helped me and my family. These quotes represent a philosophy, a way of life. It is timeless wisdom, that can have a great financial impact in your life. They are light in a world of darkness. They allow you to filter the noise and stay focused. These quotes follow a few simple rules: be content, help others, have vision, plan wisely, never get into debt, and in success stay humble. Remember, above all: Enjoy!

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